How to Repair Page Fault

'Page Fault' issues commonly occur when the Windows Operating System becomes overloaded with invalid system reference, as well as deleted or corrupted registry files. Consequently, important computer files may be lost, erased or damaged. As your computer becomes older, inadequate maintenance may lead to various Windows system errors. Therefore, computer crashes and freezes may also start to become more frequent and problematic.

On occasion, when launching Internet Explorer, instead of quickly loading and bringing up the start page, the computer will stop responding for a moment, and then a page fault error message will appear. This error is a fairly common occurrence on older operating systems (Windows 95 or 98) running Internet Explorer and can happen when the password list has been damaged.

How to Repair Page Fault :

        1. Click "Start" on the desktop and then select "Find," followed by "Files and Folders."

        2. Type ".pwl" in the name box; then select "Find Now." These are password files.

        3. Delete all .pwl files that are detected.

        4. Click "Close" and then restart the computer. When the computer restarts, the passwords will be re-created, correcting the error.

When you do as that, you can drive away Page Fault from your computer. If not, you can try a more professional way that is you can choose SmartPCFixer to help you repair Page Fault.

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