How to Fix Win 32 Application Error

Information on Executable Files

An executable file is a file on your computer that ends in the extension of .exe. If an application launches successfully, whether the application is meant to install, or simply run a program, it can be assumed that the executable file is a valid Win32 application.

Potential Problems
At times, your computer may tell you an executable file that it is trying to run is not a valid Win32 application. There are many reasons that this issue may occur, including corruption of the application or executable file, hardware incompatibility, operating system incompatibility or potential viral threat.

Solutions - Corruption
If an executable file has become corrupted and is not able to be run, Windows may generate an invalid Win32 application error. If the file was downloaded, it should be deleted and re-downloaded. If the application is already installed on the computer, the application should be deleted and re-installed.

Solutions - Operating System Compatibility
Executable files are sometimes programmed to work with certain versions of operating systems. If the executable file that you are trying to run generates an invalid Win32 application error, determine if the application you are trying to run is meant for your current version of windows.
Solutions - Hardware Incompatibility
When you put a CD into your computer to install a program, your computer runs an executable file on the CD to start the installation. An invalid Win32 application error can occur if your CD drive is incompatible with Windows. Uninstalling and re-installing your CD ROM drivers with the latest versions should resolve this issue. Also, ensure that the back of the CD is clean.

Solutions - Anti-Virus Software and Malware Issues
If an executable file becomes infected with a virus, your anti-virus application can block the application from being installed, resulting in an invalid Win32 application error. Sometimes, your anti-virus program may suspect an executable file to be infected even though it is not. The file should be scanned, and if uninfected, can be run by starting your computer in safe mode and disabling the anti-virus protection for the duration of the application installation.
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