How to Fix Mouse Problem?

How to fix my mouse problem?

1, Flip your mouse upside down so that the small compartment on the bottom of it with the rolling ball is facing upwards.

2, Carefully turn the plastic cover that sits just above the compartment where the rolling ball is clockwise until it starts to move. Do not use too much force, or you might break the plastic cover. Some covers move counter-clockwise, but they usually have arrows indicating where to twist them.

3, Place the plastic cover face-up (in other words, with the flat side facing down) on a flat surface.

4, Remove the cover slowly until it is freed from the mouse and the ball is exposed in the lower compartment. If it is still latched on, you will need to turn it slightly more in the same direction to finally free it.

5, Turn the mouse slightly in either direction until the ball begins to roll out of its compartment.

6, Remove the ball completely and place it in the middle of the plastic cover you placed on a flat surface. This will prevent the ball from rolling off into some place where you will not be able to find it.

7, Examine carefully the rollers inside the ball compartment. Most mice have three rollers (two thick ones for X/Y movement, and one thin one placed diagonally for stabilizing the ball). All three rollers need to be cleaned.

8, Take a paper clip and unwind it. Clean the X and Y rollers by swiping left and right gently with the paper clip and rolling the roller slightly each time a piece of the dirt inside the roller falls out. With the stabilizing roller, you will need to be more slow and careful, since it is very thin.

9, Clean the dirt out of the inside of the mouse with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

10. Reassemble the mouse by placing the ball inside the compartment again. Place the plastic cover back on the mouse face-down and twist it in the opposite direction in which you twisted it to take it off.
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