Error Message The Handle Is Invalid

'Invalid Handle' issues commonly occur when the Windows Operating System becomes overloaded with invalid system reference, as well as deleted or corrupted registry files. Consequently, important computer files may be lost, erased or damaged. As your computer becomes older, inadequate maintenance may lead to various Windows system errors. Therefore, computer crashes and freezes may also start to become more frequent and problematic.

How to Fix 'Invalid Handle' error:

Open "My Computer" and navigate to the folder containing the file(s) you are trying to burn.

Open another instance of "My Computer" and open up one of your hard disk drives.

Right-click in the empty space in your hard disk drive and select "New" and "Folder." Name the folder something simple like "NeroBurning," or keep the default "New Folder" name and press "Enter."

Drag and drop your files into the newly created folder.

Launch Nero and select the newly created folder as your source folder. You will now be able to burn the files without error.

Maybe you can fix 'Invalid Handle' issues in this way. If not, do not worry.Download the SmartPCFixer and it can fix the handle invailid error for you just in a few minutes.

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